Parking Rates & Info

General Info

The Masonic Garage is located at 1101 California St, San Francisco, CA 94108. The garage offers convenient indoor public parking 24-hours, 7 days a week for visitors, event guests, local businesses and their customers. The garage accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, & American Express.

Daily Parking Rates

Daily Parking Rates apply except during events at The Masonic. Enter your entrance and exit times below to calculate the parking rate. You can also pre-purchase your parking to guarantee a spot for the specified date and time.

Buy Daily Parking Online

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Online Pre-purchase Rates:
Up to 3 hours: $14
Up to 6 hours: $16
Up to 10 hours: $18
Up to 12 hours: $24
Up to 20 hours: $30
Early Bird Rate
(In Between 5AM & 9AM,
Out by 6PM):
Commuter Rate (in by 9AM): $16
Evening (after 6PM): $10
Weekend (Sat & Sun): $10
If you have a problem with a pre-purchase reservation, please call (866)330-7275.
Drive-Up Rates:
Every 15 minutes: $4
Daily Maximum: $38
Early Bird
(In Between 5AM & 9AM,
Out by 6PM):
Event Parking: $35-$40

Monthly Parking Rate

Monthly Parking starting at $350.00
$350   Buy Non-Reserved Monthly Parking $400   Buy Reserved Monthly Parking

Event Parking Rates

Event Parking Rates apply during all events at The Masonic. Parking rates for events will vary according to event. Please pre-purchase parking for your event to guarantee a spot and price. Visit the Upcoming Events page to purchase parking in advance.